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Friday, January 25, 2008


January 25, 2008
Yesterday found me indoors yet again, organizing, working on the computer. Which is probably a good thing since I was so achy from swinging a mattock (yeah, I spelled it wrong before--oops) on Wednesday. That really works your core more'n you would think. Anyway. By mid-morning, I realized that Friday was my deadline for making and posting a new flier to announce the opening of the CSA to new members. I had the poster designed already, but lacked printing power. And I couldn't email the poster to myself to open at the copy store because the file was too big and I couldn't use Chris's jump drive because it was full. Dilemma. So I went and purchased one. Buy jump drive--check. Go to copy store--check. Drive around town and post fliers at all the coffee shops, taco stands, bookstores, organic grocery stores, and friendly restaurants--almost check. I got most of the east and west sides of town, but still need to post campus and finish downtown. It's funny--posting fliers. Finding the places that'll allow them. Finding the boards within those places to post them. I got smart this time and brought my own tape and thumbtacks. After a while, you notice other people know the same boards you do 'cause you see the same fliers over and over again. I wonder if there's some great un-tapped bulletin board out there I'm unaware of. Probably. I hope people see 'em. I hope they buy in.

Posting fliers reminded me of one of the reasons I like this town so much. I ran into a lot of people I know and like. And I got to do things like buy bread from the bakery (where I used to work and happened to see someone I used to work with and got to converse with him for a while), get my Ethiopian food to go while supporting a friend's business, and stop by the locally grown pickup to get my milk, eggs, and flour from other local farmers. Everywhere I went--good people. Everywhere I looked--a beautiful town. Yea.

Posting fliers was followed by my Thursday night yoga class. Yoga saves my ass as a farmer. Keeps me fit and flexible and well. Not to mention straightening out my head. It's my health insurance. God bless it. And bless my teacher and mentor--she's amazing in many, many ways.

Often my yoga class opens me up to some enlightenment knocking at my door, waiting to be heard. This week, the message was, "Fill your self with light and love and there's no room inside for fear." Yes ma'am. Crowd the fear out with an overabundance of wonder and awe. Joy. I'm gonna be so filled up with the positive, so shining with the light of love, that darkness can't get near me. There's no space for it. That sounds about right.

So. Glowing with the light of insight, I made my way on to my next class--trapeze. Yep, I said it--trapeze. Farmer on a flying trapeze--that's me. It's my first session, but already I love it. All that fun you had on swings as kids--multiply it by 20 (or how much older you are now than you were then) and you get the amazing experience of finding yourself on a trapeze. That's all I'm gonna say about it for now except for this: on Thursday, my new posters weren't the only fliers.

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