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Sunday, March 7, 2010


March 7, 2010

Yay! We got the hoop houses covered with their giant 120' x 28' pieces of plastic Saturday. Finally! A gorgeous day to be out, not too much wind, and plenty of help. We started out with me, Chris, Patrick, Phil, Sarah, Mike, and Nick, then later added Shelly and Jim and 4 people from Jim's work crew. That's like, 13 folks. And a good thing, too, because those giant pieces of plastic are HEAVY. And it takes a goodly number of people just to get them to slide over the top of those houses. It took us about 3 hours and 4 ladders, but we got it done. Now, those two beauties just shine in the sunlight. Covered space. Wow. Season extension, here we come!

In other news, we planted potatoes and more carrots Friday. And I think some of the tatsoi germinated . . .

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