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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fill 'er Up!

Last week, we began planting in the first of our two big new hoop houses. By the end of Saturday's workday, that puppy was FULL. That's 6 rows, each 120' long for a total of 720 planted row feet if I did my math right. 2 rows of summer squash, 2 rows of cucumbers, 2 rows of tomatoes, and some 50' of basil. That's also over 14 varieties of veggies now under cover, and we're already casting our eyes upon hoop house number two, planning our planting schemes soon, soon.

Our greenhouse is also bursting at the seams. We seeded the second round of eggplants and peppers, first round of melons, fourth round of lettuce, and potted up tomatoes.

And in the field, there's more arugula, cilantro, radishes, turnips, dill and more! We also transplanted outdoors kohlrabi and parsley and lettuce.

Wow! Busy week. But I guess that's the norm around here. It was the first week I've felt overwhelmed quite a bit this season, but luckily, we had an unexpected infulx of volunteers on Wednesday afternoon and they helped us bang out some direct seeding, weeding and mulching, sifting of soil mix, and lettuce transplanting, not to mention weeding the potato rows--an amazing un-hoped-for bonus! I LOVE volunteers!

And speaking of loving volunteers, we had an AMAZING weekend workday on Saturday. Over 12 people came out! I was hoping for 8 max, and we topped that. We planted 3 rows in the hoop house, weeded and thinned carrots (a task that would have taken Patrick and I like, 2 days, to do) AND got the blueberries weeded and mulched and the blackberries weeded. WOW! Have I said yet how much I love volunteers? Because I do. We offered some homemade brunch in thanks -- vegan biscuits and soysauge gravy and farm-fresh greens! Yum! Just wonderful! Universe, I am so grateful.

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